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  • 講習会アイコン


    Education seminars are held five times a year to help underwriters improve their technical knowledge. On top of Medical Directors of life insurers and reinsurers in Japan, doctors who are actively engaged in the field of clinical medicine both in Japan and overseas are invited as lecturers to our seminars in order to provide participants with latest information. Seminars with the theme of non-medical areas are also organized.
  • 資格試験アイコン

    Qualification Exam

    The qualification examinations have been implemented since FY2008 to help underwriters obtain not only medical and financial, but also a variety of diverse information that is required for underwriting. The UWAJ publishes textbooks based on the translation of “Life Insurance Underwriting,” a text book for the Academy of Life Underwriting (ALU), an organization that offers educational opportunities to underwriters in the United States. The UWAJ exam questions are based on the UWAJ published textbooks.
  • その他アイコン


    For those who take ALU exams in Japan, the UWAJ can arrange the application as well as provide exam stations.